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Alternative Graphic Design Art and the Invasion of the Mainstream

Everyone recognizes the graphic design art that graces the cover of US Weekly, cans of soft drinks, and movie posters. But what you might not know is that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of alternative graphic design art techniques that are tailor made for communications pieces that are anti-mainstream.

As creative sorts, many graphic design artists try to steer clear of the sometimes mundane art so prevalent in the advertising industry today. Company brands and product logos have become copycats of the same boring concepts. Do your talents long for something different? Not more ornate or more difficult, necessarily. Just different. Alternative graphic design art is a growing niche in the industry.

Graphic Design Art Techniques 
Alternative graphic design is the perfect creative outlet for designers looking to rise above the mainstream design concepts that currently saturate the market. Here’s what makes them so unique:

  • Imaging. Using the newest graphic imaging software on the market, you can put your art designs on turbo charge and create an entirely new perspective on those age-old designs.
  • Motion. Add-on features such as Flash, Shockwave, and Java programming will bring your graphic design art creations to life. Turn 2D into 3D with a few minor modifications to your original ideas.
  • Series. Many businesses that promote goods and services are seeing some serious increases in their ROI by sending out graphic design advertisements in a story-building series.

Alternative Graphic Design Opportunities Now that you know about these progressive techniques in graphic design art, where are you going to go to put them to use? Here are some of the employment sources that are actively pursuing graphic artists with these skills.

  • Periodicals. FromCreative Loafing to Fangoria, the list of alt periodicals looking for graphic design pros seems endless.
  • Web Sites. The Internet is ripe with political, environmental, and entertainment sites that thrive on alternative graphic design art.
  • Concert Placards. Create the public relations cards and posters for your favorite bands using outrageous design techniques.

If you feel out of place in your current position with that straight edge graphic design firm down the street, lose your button-up shirt, learn these cutting-edge techniques, and search out the strange and unusual.

Remember, alternative designers use the most modern techniques and tools, so it’s important that your skills are current. Graphic design classes can bring you up to speed. Launch or continue your graphic design education to get started!

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