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Basic Flyer Design Tips 2019

If you are looking for basic flyer design tips, you have arrived at the right place!

Flyers can help spread the word out about your enterprise. Flyers are also useful for club and concert promotion. The following basic flyer design tips should help you achieve your flyer design goals.

1.    Write a strong headline

A flyer without a strong headline is like a horse with lead shoes. The headline is typically the first thing people look at when they see your flyer. Avoid clichés in the headline such as “worth its weight in gold” and “time is money.” Use a large font for the headline that is not overly fancy. This will increase the readability of your flyer.

2.    Choose full color

Black and white flyers or two-color flyers will not grab the attention that full color flyers will. Whether you choose digital printing for small print runs or offset printing for large print runs, they are both capable of amazing full color results.

3.    Pay attention to contrast

Dark-colored text on a dark background will result in text that is difficult to read. Similarly, light-colored text on a light background is not a good idea. Some flyers will first be viewed at farther distances, and fixing any contrast problems is vital to the success of your flyer marketing campaign.

4.    Choose a printing company with flexible design options

The best printing companies will give you three design options. You can upload your own print-ready design. Just use a reputable graphic design program and upload your design to the printing company. The second option is to use pre-made design templates provided by the printing company. These typically include background graphics that save you time during the design process. The third option is to ask the printing company to design your flyer. The reputable companies often have talented in-house graphic artists.

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