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Club Flyer Design 2019

A club flyer is a variant of a normal flyer, but is typically printed on a more durable card stock, whereas standard flyers are often printed on a thinner gloss text material. The average club flyer is also smaller than the average standard flyer. If you have ever seen a club flyer that was handed out at a large university, they are typically closer to the size of standard postcard (4” X 6”). Here are club flyer design tips to give you ideas for your next flyer campaign.

1.    Get professional photographs

Whether you want to use stock photos for the club flyer design or custom photos, it’s a good idea to stick with professional photography. The music artist, band, or comedian may already have these types of photos that are suitable for use, so before you hire a pro to snap new photos, see if you can find quality images that already exist.

2.    Add a special offer

Also known as a hook in the club scene, a special offer can entice people to visit your club. You could mention that if people show the flyer at the door, the traditional cover or drink minimum would be waived and they can visit the club free of charge. This is also a great way to gauge the success of your flyer campaign. Other popular promotions include free drinks for the ladies and one night per week that gives discounts for college students (of legal drinking age if there is bar access).

3.    Do not clutter the design

A club flyer should appear exciting and vibrant without appearing cluttered. While this can be a delicate balancing act, it is an achievable goal. Be certain to include enough whitespace (area without design) so that text is readable and images are clear and crisp.

4.    Consider adding humor

Even if your club promotion does not include a comedy night, adding comedy to your club flyer is a good method to attract attention. The humor can be in text form or a funny picture or cartoon. However, avoiding overly offensive jokes is probably a good idea. On the flip side, comedy writing that is too dull can ruin your flyer. Show your humorous flyer design to several people and ask for their opinions about the humor before the flyer is printed.

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