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Create the Best Web Site Design Ever!

If a major portion of your graphic design fees come from creating Web site design for your clients, this is your lucky day. Here are some rules for creating the best Web site design you can. Keep your graphic design clients happy and loyal!

Best Web Site Design Practices:
The difference between a good Web site design and a great one is often very subtle, but the results on visitors and sales can be staggering. Learn how to create Web site design that works, and you will win an expert reputation within the graphic design industry. That means more clients and higher fees. Here are some of the best practices for creating Web sites for your clients.

  • KISS. Keep it simple, stupid. This mantra makes for the best Web site design because it ensures readability, simple navigation and quick load time.
  • Keep it Clean! Another tip for creating the best Web site design is to organize your images and headings cleanly and plainly, with nothing to distract.
  • Chunking. Chunking your information on the page allows visitors to find what they are most interested in as quickly as possible.

Get Your Web Site Designs Noticed!
Graphic designers are one part artist, one part technical guru. The trick is to remember you are one part marketer, too. That’s where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in. After all, the most beautiful Web site in the world means very little to a client if users can’t actually find it within the search engines. While you may have limited control over the actual page copy, there are certain elements you can implant in your code to help your client’s site rank well!

  • Meta Tags. The Meta tags are coded within HTML for search engines. Think of them as sign posts that tell search engine spiders what your page is all about. After all, machines cannot view your work, but they can read your code! Ensuring your title, description and keyword tags are well written helps your work rank higher—and clients always appreciate the boost.
  • Alt Tags. Search engines can’t view your graphics. Alt tags are HTML tags the tell search engines what photos represent. Use rich, well researched keywords that the search engines will respond to.
  • Site Maps. Including a site map for easier search engine indexing is another key ingredient to creating the best Web site design for your client.

The best Web site design is not always the most complex. Stick to a simple, sound plan that both sells for the user and attracts high search engine rankings!

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