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Flyer Design Ideas

An event flyer requires a slightly different strategy than a product or service flyer. Unlike those flyers, an event flyer is typically designed so that no response is necessary to gauge the flyer campaign’s success. The event is being advertised so that more people show up, and the number of people that attend can measure the campaign’s results. The following tips on how to design an event flyer should give you ideas for your next flyer campaign.

  1. Print in advance

If the event advertised in the flyer is a once per year event or a one-time-only gig, your flyer should be printed and mailed or tacked up at least two months before the event date. However, six months is probably too far in advance.

  1. Add a sense of excitement

Whether your event is a major beach volleyball tournament or a symphony orchestra concert, the images and text on the flyer should make the event seem exciting. In the case of the latter example, you could include a photo of the symphony conductor in an intense pose.

  1. Larger can be better

A larger flyer allows you to increase the headline font size, which will make your flyer more readable at greater distances and attract more attention. If you make the headline font too large on a smaller flyer, it will dominate the flyer design too much.

  1. Proofread carefully

Mistakes in the text of an event flyer can be devastating, especially when those mistakes might cause the flyer viewers to miss the event or become frustrated when they want more event information. Errors must be caught before flyer printing for event dates, location addresses, phone numbers, or website addresses. Ask multiple people to proofread your flyer. One person could miss a mistake that another person may find.

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