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Graphic Design Training for Beginners

One of the biggest issues that new graphic design hopefuls face when they enter the field is sifting through the myriad training opportunities available for them. If you’re finding it hard to select a program that addresses your learning style, here are some sensible ideas for selecting a program that’s right for you.

Graphic Design Training Sources
As is with most professions, the key to becoming a successful graphic designer is finding the right training. There are three ways you can earn your graphic design degree: on campus, online, and non-accredited programs. Understanding each will help you select a program that really works for you!

  • On Campus. The traditional campus graphic design program is still the most popular way to earn your degree. You can major in graphic design or in computer technology with a graphic design specialty add on.
  • Online. Online graphic design programs are quickly gaining a foothold in the training market. Earn as you learn by keeping your current position and completing your course requirements at your convenience.
  • Non-Accredited. Several design groups, such as the American Artists and Writers Institute, offer non accredited graphic design training programs that teach you the basics without a lot of theory and “fluff” material.

Maximizing Your Training
Once you’ve decided on a particular training module, there are several actions that you can take to get the most out of your graphic design education. Follow these best practices for maximum learning and retention of complex design concepts.

  • Copious Note Taking. Writing your own personal questions and notes in your training materials will help you clarify uncertainties before test time.
  • Asking Questions. When you raise your hand or send an instant message to your professor, make sure that you ask questions on difficult concepts and techniques.
  • Consulting Cohorts. Learning is usually easier when you work together. Partner up with others in your training program to study and create as a team. For those studying online, consider Web-based teleconference programs that allow you to share screen shots while communication via chat or telephone. Free online voice communication programs make it even easier to touch base.

The bottom line is that there are several ways that you can earn the knowledge you need to enter the graphic design field. The trick is finding out which graphic design training program is right for you.

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