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Information about Graphic Designer Jobs

Acquiring a job in graphic design can be a fairly easy thing to do these days with digital media being in such high demand. Doing a little homework, and being armed with some basic knowledge will help with any decisions about achieving or maintaining a job as a graphic designer.

What Graphic Designers Do

Graphic design is really a complicated medium that brings together varying forms of art, coupled with topography, and marketing to present and communicate ideas to the general public. For instance, say a shoe store wants to advertise a new line of shoes by enlisting a graphic designer. The designer might create anything from a new logo for the show line, to print media like news ads or flyers, and may even design a commercial. These forms of advertising would communicate whatever information the shoe store would desire in both a technical yet creative format.

Types of Graphic Design

When seeking a job in the graphic design field, it is good to be aware that there are different types of design. To start, there are a number of types of print design including packaging, advertising, logos, and publication print. Another general area of design is digital including web and internet, which is subcategorized into front end, user interface, development, and user experience. Some employers incorporate all of these aspects into a job description, while others prefer to specialize in a particular field.

Creating a Design Portfolio

Because employers or clients will often require a range of graphic design needs, it is good to make sure and create a portfolio of work to exhibit. Trying to offer a variety of options may seem overwhelming, but the more range a designer can show, the better the chances of employment. Show projects that are full of creativity as well as difficulty level, and type. For instance, having a packaging project or a brochure from a class or previous client is helpful. With all the free resources, if there isn’t a client history, individuals can go online and manufacture sample websites to show off skills.

Career Outlook for Graphic Designers

The present job market seems bleak to many students, or current employees looking to continue a career. But having a skill or education in a field that is related to computers, marketing, or digital media will be a solid choice. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, graphic design alone is aimed to increase by 13% over the next 10 years (2010-2020). More and more society is looking to online and digital mediums for information and communication. As long as culture continues in this pattern, graphic design will be a wide open field.

With apps, iPhones, Smart phones, internet television, and a constantly connected Wi-Fi society, a need for people who can design for the medium and advertise for the audiences and users is and will continue to be essential. Someone who has a passion for art and design along with a pulse on what is current will without a doubt be very successful and satisfied in the graphic design field.

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