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Land More Freelance Graphic Design Jobs!

For your freelance graphic design business to be successful, you’ve got to do two things. First, increase the fees you command for your projects. Second, increase the number and frequency of jobs that you get. Setting your fees is relatively simple. But finding work is another ballgame entirely. Here’s how to do it.

Lead Generating Techniques
The freelance lifestyle sounds great in theory; but unless you have a steady stream of jobs lined up, this row can be tough to hoe. There are many philosophies on how to increase the number of leads you get. Some are pretty extreme and involve a litany of steps or expensive software. We’ll just concentrate on the tried and true ways that real freelance graphic designers keep the jobs coming.

  • Create a Sample Portfolio. The first thing an employer will ask to see is a portfolio of your work. Collect your best work and have it on hand. Then send them to freelance job opportunities as they come across the wire.
  • Put Together a Publicity Packet.Here’s a great idea to save time and printing costs. Put together a publicity packet for your freelance design services. Include a short bio, list of clients, typical projects, and your fee schedule, if it’s set.
  • Do Some Cold Calling. As much as you’ll hate to hear it, cold calling is still in. There are countless stories of professionals getting graphic design jobs because they called the right person at the right time and made a good impression.

Rules for Following Up
Many times, the difference between landing and losing graphic design jobs is how you handle the follow-up. Prepare yourself to be asked to call back at a later time. And potential clients mean just that. Fail to follow-up and fail to get hired.

  • Periodically.If you apply for freelance design jobs and they tell you to call back, do so and do it wisely. A discreet e-mail or phone call once every week is good enough to let them know you’re still interested.
  • Personally.Make sure that you follow up with the person whom you contacted originally. Freelance graphic design jobs have been lost when personalities get confused.

Follow these sensible suggestions, and you’ll soon have all the freelance graphic design jobs you can handle

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