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Setting Your Freelance Graphic Design Fees

One of the most pressing concerns for any freelance graphic designer is setting appropriate fees. Set them too high, and you’ll lose valuable business opportunities. Set them too low, and potential clients might be suspect of your abilities. Here’s how to set your fees to find projects and retain clients.

How much are you worth? This is the key question freelancers face as they launch their business. And unfortunately, the answer isn’t all that simple. There are a couple of different ways you can go when you set your fees. You can follow the lead of most freelance graphic design artists and charge by the hour, or you can charge a flat fee per project.

Points to Consider
No matter which direction you choose to go, here are some of the mitigating factors to consider when setting your fees.

  • Market Levels. Find out the going rate for freelance graphic design work in your area. Ask fellow freelancers and they’ll be glad to tell you. Then adjust your own rate according to your ability and experience.
  • Difficulty Level.Some graphic design jobs require a significant amount of work. You should raise or lower your fees based on the difficulty of the project. If you have to do research, add in even more.
  • Cost of Living. Adjust your graphic design fees in accordance with the cost of living for your city or state. You should be raising your fees a little bit each year you are in business to keep up with inflation. Clients expect this and shouldn’t mind paying the increase.

Earn Higher Fees
Every freelance designer wants to get top dollar for their work. There are some concrete steps you can take to ensure that you command high-end fees for your projects. Follow these simple steps and watch your business grow.

  • Get Certification.Earn your certification from an accredited graphic design school. The credentials on your resume will show potential clients that you have academic training and demonstrated expertise in graphic design.
  • Say No.Another way to raise your fees is to say no to low-paying projects. This might not be possible if you’re just starting out.
  • Specialize. If you specialize in a particular niche of graphic design, you can charge clients more for your experience.

These tips should give you a sense of the pricing landscape. After some time in the field, you’ll have a better idea of how much you can charge for your freelance design services.

Quick Tip: If you want to make yourself more valuable to clients, consider continuing education. Graphic design classeswill ensure your skills remain current and in demand!

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