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Tips To Become a Freelance Graphic Designer

>Working as a freelance graphic designer may seem like a scary endeavor since individuals must build their own client bases and set their own rates. However, with the right understanding and a few tips,these individuals can enjoy a fruitful career in graphic design on a freelance basis.

What it Means to Freelance

A freelance graphic designer is an individual has chosen to do work on a contract basis. When a person works by contract, that individual is responsible for taxes and any other financial obligation. The graphic designer is essentially self-employed and will charge based on one project at a time, or the time it takes to complete that job, at his or her discretion. The Bureau Labor of Statics reveals that in 2010, approximately 29% of all graphic artists were freelance. That is almost 1/3rd of the field.

Job Sources for Freelance Designers

As a freelancer, the most important thing is finding work. There are some great sources out there to help connect people that are graphic designers with people looking for designers. Ifreelance is a website that has work for anyone looking. After accessing the site and finding a job, the designer places a bid for the rate wanted. The winning bid gets the job. If someone doesn’t like bidding or competing in that way for work, sites like Simply Hired have pages of jobs listed anyone can apply for.

Determining Rates as a Freelance Designer

Make sure as a freelance artist to set rates that will meet personal needs, but are also realistic. For instance, someone who has an associate or bachelor degree could be fair in having a higher rate than someone with no degree at all. However, if someone has a degree but is just starting out, that designer may not make as much as one who may not be formerly educated but has years of experience. There are no predetermined rules for setting rates. But as a professional, if the rates are fair and the work is good, a freelance designer shouldn’t have any trouble keeping steady work.

ConsideringTime When Accepting Projects

In addition and inconsideration of rates, time for the project is important to acknowledge as well. How much time it will take to do will help determine not only how much should be charged, but if it is a realistic job to take. For example, if a job is going to take a designer a week, the artist will want to think through if there is enough time to adequately complete the project; or if the designer has other projects that may not be able to wait for that single job to get done. The amount of time a designer has to take and a client has to wait are crucial when thinking about freelance.

Finding Resources When Working Independently

When working independently, supplies that would normally come with a job have to be obtained by the freelance artist. Having the right software like Dreamweaver, InDesign, or Adobe Creative can be expensive. And an individual may need more than one kind of software in order to do different jobs. But a smart designer will know that finding and using free resources until better ones can be purchased is often the way to go. A simple internet search can lead to free graphics software like Inscape or Gimp.

As a graphic designer, freelance work can offer opportunities and experiences not otherwise found in employment. Following these few tips, a freelancer can create not only projects, but a really great life.

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